Training sessions are designed to suit all fitness levels, and will become incrementally more challenging as your fitness levels progress over 6 week modules. 

All sessions are scalable and modified for fitness levels. 

The studio will offer options to suit a variety of needs including:

1:1 consulting

1:1 training

Group training

Online coaching

Flow state workout

Stick Training

Corporate groups


  • All group training and one on one run in 6 week modules. This gives the training a tighter focus towards progression, technique and longevity with an end goal in mind for the phase of training. 
  • Each 6 week phase will have a theme so that your body will have time to adapt and progress. 
  • New members can join in at any point. 


Your session will consist of four phases:


Around 10 - 15 minutes of different movements with a focus on breathing to raise your energy and vibration.


Around 10 - 20 minutes covering the specific skills required for todays workout to get you primed and ready for action.


20 - 40 minutes of GO time. This time will vary depending on the days workout or how deep you are in a 6 week block.


Around 10 minutes of light movement and breathing to calm your body back to status quo. For the brave hearted, jump in the ice bath to help speed up your recovery. 


This is designed to optimise and personalise your health and well being goals and to find out where you are at. Within the consultation we will cover the five key pillars:

  1. Movement
  2. Nourish 
  3. Restore
  4. Environment
  5. Mind

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This is training at its purist with the focus entirely on you. 

For those who want to execute an individual program and specific goals as a continuation from the one on one consultation. 

These sessions are also an opportunity to maximise performance and improve your technique. Call to book your session today.


These sessions are available three times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is highly recommended to participate in all sessions to maximise your outcome and potential. All group training sessions work in a six week window and training is split between ENERGY SYSTEMS, STRONG and PRIMAL workouts.

These classes are scalable for all levels of fitness.The program focuses on three key modalities:

ENERGY SYSTEMS - These sessions are designed to improve and test your cardio vascular system using three main principles: Power, speed and endurance.

You will use equipment such as the ergo, ski ergo and assault bike plus other tools that "stress" your cardio vascular system. You will also learn breathing patterns to use with each principle plus breathing patterns for recovery. 

STRONG - These sessions are designed to improve and increase your overall strength using safe and effective techniques that are based on the seven movement patterns to train your body as a complete unit: Hinge, squat, push, pull, carry, rotate and single leg. You will use your body weight as well as equipment such as kettle bells and barbells that will activate your muscular and nervous system.

PRIMAL H.I.I.T - A combination of energy and strong systems workouts. Expect the unexpected to challenge your body and mind including cardio, strength and pure grit. Within these sessions you will execute various workout structures. These sessions give you the opportunity to test your skills under pressure.

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Online training is designed to replicate the sessions at the studio. The online program gives you flexibility to continue with your fitness and wellness goals and to train wherever and whenever you want. 

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Breath Work and Ice Bath Sessions

The FLOW STATE workshop gives you a chance to go within and focus on you.

The workshop covers a combination of MEDITATION, BREATH WORK & COLD WATER IMMERSION (ice bath).

Just bring your spirit and willingness to let go, surrender and push the boundaries of your personal limits and enjoy the natural high these session can bring.

These session will run weekly and are limited to a class of 10 people max.



The STICK MOBILITY WORKOUT sessions are designed to get you twisting and releasing accumulative body stiffness. These sessions will take take you through a series of movements using you body, breath and a STICK MOBILITY stick.

The MOBILITY stick is designed to comfortably assist you to go beyond any “sticking points" within your body. The stick allows you to gently manipulate your body to go beyond a normal stretch.

These sessions are great for recovery, unwinding daily postural problems, creating body awareness and movement preparation prior to a work out as all the movements are transferable to all other aspects of training.

STICK MOBILITY WORKOUTS will run for a six week window and are a great asset to any training program.

Clients can join in at any time regardless of what week the block is currently in. All sessions are scalable pending your current fitness level.